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Game Design


The Ceros Experience

I co-designed and collaborated with a fellow designer, Allison Tomazin, to create a casual interactive game with the goal of promoting one of the company's more popular products by delivering a new, exciting experience. This gallery shows a few of the scenes I was responsible for designing, the completed game storyboard, the style guide, and inspirational pieces from our moodboard. Along with the concept and design, I helped create the script and copy for the entire experience. | Low-poly design style | Ceros, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator |


Kyle Kivett and Allison Tomazin in their office in Taipei, Taiwan


Interactive & Game Design: Interview With Ceros

We were interviewed about our design process after creating a two-pronged interactive guide and low-poly game using Ceros, a software that gives designers the ability to animate their work without using a developer. In the interview, we describe the entire creative process from brainstorming to implementing.  | Software: Ceros, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, GIF creator |



Artwork for Ceros Software | Interactive

Although this infographic could stand alone, it was created for the purpose of having more engaging content for the company's audience using a popular software called Ceros that enables designers to animate their artwork without the need of a developer. Once it is finished with production, this infographic will be fully interactive.

Have Americans Stopped Hating Marijuana? | Infographic

I designed this infographic to help explain the current position of popular opinion on marijuana consumption in the US including the results from a poll the company conducted.

10 Most Popular Soft Skills | Infographic

Another list graphic, made as a pair, to help customers understand which hard and soft skills are best to include in a Skills Section on a resume. | Adobe Illustrator CC |


5 Legal Tips Every Student Needs to Know Before Going to College | Infographic

This infographic was designed for a press release that was scheduled just before the Fall term of college began in the US. The infographic offers 5 tips to help college students and parents navigate the many legal hurdles of leaving home and going off to school.

How to Bury Your Social Media After You Die | Infographic

A helpful infographic that gives information on how to close the accounts on some of the most popular social media platforms if a person passes away along with other various other statistics. It was included as supplementary content in an article that helped explain the importance of individuals to maintain their digital property. | Adobe Illustrator CC |

Envisioning Marijuana in the Mainstream | Interactive

This interactive was created to visually explain the various marijuana laws in the US. I began this project by conducting all the research and writing all the content. I then worked with a lead designer to deliver this stylish final product.

10 Most Popular Hard Skills | Infographic

Simple list graphic with the most popular hard skills to put in the Skills section of a resume for Resume Companion. | Adobe Illustrator CC |



Article Cover Design

I designed article covers to help share top-ranking pages specially for our Pinterest, but the graphic could ultimately be used in many different ways. | Double-exposure effect: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator |

Book Cover Design

We were given the task to redesign a series of e-books about various freelance writing and marketing topics. The inspiration for this design came from photographs of Mar's Monument Valley and a recent SpaceX. | Double-exposure effect: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator |


Double-Exposure Technique 

This surreal double-exposure effect was created in Photoshop by combining and overlapping multiples photographs using Blending Modes and Clipping Masks. Click through to see both variations. | Adobe Photoshop CC |

Artwork for Quote

The goal for this type of graphic was to engage with the company's audience and create easily shareable content, such as this inspirational quote. | Double-exposure effect: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator |


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