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33 Gifts Entrepreneurs Actually Want for Christmas in 2016

Christmas Day is drawing near, and you may still be faced with the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone you care about.

If there is an aspiring entrepreneur within your cohort of friends and family, you might be wondering what kind of gift can also be helpful for them with their new business venture. They might seem like they are on top of their game, but starting a new business is no easy task. Chances are, they will very happily accept all the help they can get. To help take the guessing out of shopping for the entrepreneur on your list, here are some thoughtful and inspiring gifts that can help them usher in a year of success.

31 Tools and Apps Professional Freelancers Can’t Live Without in 2016

While it is this very freedom and flexibly that lead many to take on the lifestyle of a freelance writer, the daily pressures of being your own boss can require a hefty amount of organization.

Luckily, , there are a treasure trove of software and applications to help freelancers.

Writing Their Own Destiny

Why Millennials are breaking tradition and opting out of buying houses

Before the US housing crash and subsequent recession, most people considered investing in a home a top priority - a symbol of stability and prosperity. Securing a nice home was a requirement for a successful future.

Things have changed.

Top 3 Things Millennials Demand In A Career

A major problem companies face today is retaining the fast-growing millennial workforce. Currently, one in three workers are millennials and they have surpassedGeneration X as the largest labor force in the US.

The question then becomes: What do millennials demand in a career?

4 Insider Tips to Budget for Your Dream Home

It's been nearly 9 years since the "housing bubble" burst and sent the US real estate market into a tailspin. Americans are more cautious than ever to make the leap to homeownership, especially millennials who have been choosing to rent a home or apartment in the last decade over signing a mortgage for their dream home.

A Disappearing National Treasure: The Extinction of the Formosan Black Bear

The Formosan black bear – Taiwan’s largest predator and land animal – is endemic to Taiwan and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  

But in recent years, its reign has been usurped by the encroachment of modern man, who has continuously illegally poached the bears, severely exploited them, and driven them from their natural habitat. 

How To Successfully Start a Nonprofit Business in 6 Steps

"Give me a lever long enough, and I alone can move the world." – Archimedes

This same radical concept can also be applied to starting and running a nonprofit business. In other words, the most high-impact nonprofit organizations reach this level of success by working with and through others to achieve more than they ever could alone.

Legalizing Marijuana: Is Your State Next?

Many people are wondering if their state could possibly be the next to legalize marijuana. Some are concerned about the implications this may have on their communities and other are hoping to cash in on the legalization and marijuana industrial boom. The question of how this will play out in state and federal law is an important one to consider.

Social Media: Gateways for Hackers to Steal Your Digital Ghost

In a world where everything is becoming digitized and our lives are being uploaded online at an exponential rate, the term “ghosting” has taken on a more sinister meaning. Hackers and online security services alike use this term to describe more than a friend skipping out of a bar early - to them, and hopefully soon to everyone, it refers to the action of stealing one’s identity and potentially laying waste to their valuable digital assets.

What Makes up Your Digital Estate?

Americans are creating online data at an alarming rate, and it is increasing exponentially. Each minute of the day, online users share roughly 2.5 million pieces of content on Facebook, Tweet 2.8 million times, post 2.2 million photos on Instagram, and swipe over 400,000 times on Tinder.

This adds up to a large amount of "digital property" or "digital assets" for most individuals.


3 Monumental Startup Disasters And How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Them

Startup culture and entrepreneurship in the US is on the rise. The darlings of Silicon Valley – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to name a few – have all started with a simple concept. Along the road of their development, huge fortunes have been gained. These are the glorious stories of success we watch in films like “The Social Network” that likely put people under the misconception that anyone can be an overnight millionaire.



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